Damian Gerard is the Broker/Owner of GERARD REALTY GROUP. He leads a group of professional agents, mortgage pros, inspectors, contractors, attorneys, CPAs, and more. Damian earned his first real estate license in 1982 and has mixed his real estate experience with stints in professional sales in several industries. Upon re-joining the industry in 2005, Damian was one of the first Saint Louis area realtors to combine the growing technology of real estate together with good old-fashioned customer service.

In 2005 the real estate industry was just waking up to the web based technology revolution. Through the use of sophisticated web-based marketing, Damian was able to generate significant lead traffic and combined that with superior customer service resulting in him becoming one of the highest producing agents in the market.

GERARD REALTY GROUP was formed to address the unfortunate lack of competence in the real estate agent pool. After much frustration dealing with non-professional agents and affiliates in the standard transaction, Damian committed to make a difference. That difference was to build a team of all full-time agents and develop a proven team of affiliates.

GERARD REALTY GROUP is now staffed with carefully selected Real Estate Asset Managers and an excellent support staff. All transactions are written, managed, and closed in-house and on time. Partnerships have been developed with a dedication to providing Real Estate related services by competent and cost efficient providers. Damian is personally involved in the selection and constant improvement of the team affiliates. His goal is to provide a professional recommendation for any and all aspects of home buying, owning, and selling.